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Are you interested in becoming a cadet? Please follow this process. 

(1)  Visit Your Local Squadron

Cadet life is an experience, so prospective cadets must visit their local squadron (virtually or in-person).  After the second visit, prospective cadets may apply for membership online, and then local leaders may approve the application after the third visit. To apply for cadet membership online, you will need your unit's charter number, which is available only from your local leaders. To find squadrons near you, visit our home page and enter your zip code.

Returning / Lapsed Cadets:  Please visit your squadron and reapply for membership using the hard copy CAPF 15. Unfortunately, we cannot reinstate lapsed cadets via this online process.

(2)  Apply for Membership

To submit an application for cadet membership, visit the Online Cadet Membership Application page. Youth will need a parent or guardian at their side as they complete the online form and make payment via credit card. The squadron commander (or designee) may approve your application after you participate in your third squadron meeting.
Mail in Cadet Application 

Now that you're a member, lets get started.


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Information on the Curry Blues Voucher program ( For purchasing your first "Blues" uniform )


The official source for CAP insignia and uniforms is Vanguard.
Shop with them at, (800)221-1264. 
If you’re near an Air Force base, you can buy uniform garments (but not CAP insignia) at the Exchange or base thrift store.
The squadron has a “supply closet,” of used and passed down clothing items for those who are unable to afford new uniforms.
2nd Lt. Bush is in charge of this area. She can check for available clothing and help with any questions you might have.

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