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About Our Patch

We are proud to unveil our new squadron patch!
Below is the written description of the symbology: 

MI-135 LogoAl Johnson Legacy Cadet Sq –
Al Johnson is WWII veteran, who was one of only 1100 men in the Operational Groups of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The OSS was one of the first Special Forces unit and a precursor to today’s CIA. Al’s dedication to country, courage on the battlefield and loyalty to his comrades has been an inspiration to all members of the squadron. Because of this special bond between Al Johnson and the squadron, we wish to name the squadron in his honor. This so that all may understand his legacy and the legacy that the members of the squadron will leave with, because of our commitment to each other.
Veni Sequere Me (Pronounced: Vay-Knee Say-Q-Ray May) – Come Follow Me
The motto represents the squadron’s commitment to live the core values of Civil Air Patrol in such a way, as to inspire others to come and follow us.
The star represents the squadron’s commitment to be the best and a shining light to guide the way.
T-33 Shooting Star 
This is the aircraft on static display at the squadron’s new location, Park Township Airport. The aircraft is a significant community landmark at it sits on Ottawa Beach Rd, which is the main artery to Holland State Beach. Over one million people drive by the aircraft every year on their way to the beach and other activities in the area, so it stands as a constant reminder of the airport and the community. The aircraft took 20 volunteers 600 hours over three years to refurbish and paint the aircraft before it was put on display. Because of the significance the aircraft has to the surrounding community, it has special meaning to the squadron.
The compass represents Al Johnson’s service in the Office of Strategic Services, as it was highly valued tool during his service. It also represents the squadron’s commitment to pointing the way to moral leadership to all using Civil Air Patrol’s four core values. It also important to emergency services as they use it to find the way and aviation uses it to be pointed in the right direction.

Meaning of Colors
Blue - Charity, Constancy, Devotion, Justice, Piety, Sincerity, Thinking
Yellow - Elevation of mind, Excellence, Honor, Intellect, Justice, Wisdom
Black - Humility, Love of truth, Loyalty, Memories, Patience, Sacrifice, Spirituality
White - Innocence, Perfection, Purity, Truth
Red - Boldness, Courage, Hardiness, Liberty, Magnanimity, Passion, Patriotism, Strength, Valor, Zeal
Gray - Discretion, Maturity, Penitence, Renunciation, Retrospection

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